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Nigerian Dwarf Goat Babies For Sale!

One Adult Doe is Currently for Sale.

Welcome to Our Farm

Welcome to St. Joseph’s Goat Farm! St. Joseph’s Goat Farm raises charming Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats on 10 acres in Lawson, Missouri, about 35 minutes north of Kansas City, Missouri. We breed our goats to kid once a year, usually in the spring or fall. They produce quality offspring with friendly temperaments and unique personalities. The kids are ideal for small home dairies, will do well in the show ring, or will make lovable pets. We do all their disbudding, tattooing, vaccinations, and castrations on the farm. Once they are eight weeks old, we wean them from their mothers and send them to their new homes.

About Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Our goats are registered in the American Goat Society. They have excellent bloodlines and are structurally sound. Some are naturally polled and some have blue eyes. Coat colors include silver, red, black, white, tan, and gold. Patterns include solid with white blotches, chamoisee, and moon spots. Our does produce sweet and natural milk, at a very good rate for their size!

Our Mission

At St. Joseph’s Goat Farm, we believe that each creature was individually created by our loving God, who designed them with their unique characteristics and purposes. God has not only given us the responsibility to care for and raise animals in a happy and healthy environment; but also the ability to use animals for our needs, such as food, clothing, and certainly companionship!

We do all that is necessary to keep our Nigerian Dwarf goats healthy and happy on our farm. We want to provide our customers with healthy, quality kids that they will love. For assistance in our endeavors, we have devoted our farm to Good St. Joseph, the patron saint of workers and safeguard of families. Please call, text, or email with any questions using the contact information below.

Contact Information

Phone: (816) 776-9656



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