Our goats are provided with fresh, clean water and free choice hay 24/7. The hay is grown on our property without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides and consists of a good mix of grasses and legumes. We feed a concentrate (grain) ration called MFA Goat Feed to all our goats twice a day. We also offer them a handful of sunflower seeds once a day to ensure they have enough essential fats, which help keep their coats vibrant. All our goats have access to a salt block and loose, free choice minerals. They also graze on a small portion of our pasture during the day, where they also play and get exercise.

Does that are two months away from kidding are fed more grain to ensure that they receive enough protein for their developing young. Two weeks after kidding they are allowed as much grain as they want, along with some Calf Manna feed to reduce stress and provide ample nutrition. We also feed them a handful of shredded beet pulp to increase their milk production. After that, we slowly back our does off their grain as their lactation cycle comes to a close. Once they are two weeks old, the kids have access to as much grain as they like in a creep feeder and free choice hay.


We trim their feet about every three months. We trim their coats in the spring to prevent external parasite infestations and to give them relief during Missouri’s hot and humid summers. Then, there we spray down their whole bodies with Goat Protector, a natural external parasite preventative that uses enzymes to kill and prevent lice, fleas and mites. All our lactating does receive a copper bolus once a year. Antibiotics are avoided unless they are seriously needed. We clean out their barn at least once a month and sprinkle diatomaceous earth on the ground and on our goats to keep away flies.

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