The Herd Queen

Madeleine is clearly the herd queen. Having been the first female we bought, she dominates our small herd to this day. She is an awesome milker, giving over 1 quart of sweet milk per day! She has a well-defined udder and a solid body structure. Her kids have always been breathtakingly adorable and quite robust, even as newborns! Madeleine is black with minimal white, has brown eyes, and is disbudded.


Our Little Fawn

Avila is very delicate in conformation and has a very sweet temperament. She would be a perfect little dairy goat with her superb bloodlines, except that one of her teats are deformed. However, she has beautiful moon spots with her chamoisee coat and sparkling blue eyes. She is polled.


Our Sterling Silver

Adelaise is our prize silver doeling! She is very friendly. Adeliase has quality bloodlines, especially from her dam, who is a top quality doe with a rare coat color. Adelaise has brown eyes and is disbudded.


Claudia is has a perfect dairy goat appearance. Her body is long and slender, yet perfectly proportional. Her dam had an exceptionally well formed udder and produced an abundance of milk! Claudia is chamoisee with a rich red coat, black markings, and white spots. She has blue eyes and is polled.

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